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Helping B2B SaaS companies 

grow faster

The Team

Peter Chase, Principal

Peter was co-founder and EVP of Scribe Software which was acquired by TIBCO Software for nearly 7 times SaaS ARR in 2018. Scribe provided data integration to over 12,000 enterprises globally.  At Scribe, Peter's teams were responsible for establishing a reseller channel of over 1,200 partners, expanding into Europe representing 30 percent of revenues, and building an OEM program delivering over 160% in net retention.  The team at Scribe led an organic transformation from software to SaaS without raising any outside capital.  In 2014, Peter was honored as an Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist by the NH Tech Alliance. 

Peter is now able to share his passion for building and growing great B2B SaaS companies with other SaaS entrepreneurs and executives.


Plan Focused, customer Driven

At AccelARRate, we bring revenue ambitions and the market (ie. customers) into direct alignment.   We focus on how B2B SaaS companies can beat their 3 to 5 year Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) goals. We look for gaps in the plan and identify strategies to close those gaps.  These strategies can include optimizing execution against existing markets, bringing new offerings to existing customers, and expanding into new markets or channels.


At the core of our approach is engaging directly with key personas at customers within our client's target market.  We engage in a structured questioning methodology designed to identify both high potential opportunities and significant areas of impedance or friction.  The goal is to develop strategies that are dialed into our clients' markets and that have a high probability of success.


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